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- 20, USA, Germany - This is a nature, poetry, art and personal blog - but I'm starting to give up on having a coherent blog. This is a blog. This is my blog.

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izzarella asked: 2,7,13,19,26,34

2: Do you believe history repeats itself?

No, not really. I think there are certain human reactions to things that might appear in history more often than others. But history never really repeats. Everything that has come before is a part of what happens today and affects it.  

7: Describe an inanimate object that is significant to you personally. 

When I was a baby I got this small stuffed giraffe named Ginger that I still have to this day. I obviously don’t bite her nose anymore or clutch her to sleep, but it’s nice to know that something has been with me so long. 

13: Be loved by another and not love them in return? Or love another and not be loved by them in return? 

Both are equally painful but in different ways. It is so awful when you know someone love you but you don’t return the affection. You feel guilty and cruel. But when you love someone and they don’t love you back, you can sometimes almost go insane from doubt and heartbreak. But I would rather love someone unrequitedly and hurt myself than put someone else through that pain. 

19: Something or someone you couldn’t live without? 

I honestly would not be able to live without my family. They might not always understand me or act in love, but I know they are there for me and love me. 

26: What surroundings make you feel best (setting, weather, clothes)

I love mid autumn when its cold enough to wear big chunky sweaters and then i love hiking and walking through mountains and forest, seeing the beautiful leaves and the little nip on my nose. 

34: Do you honestly and truly hate anyone? 

No. I feel strong dislike for some people. And there are people I would rather not be in the same room as, but I honestly do not hate anyone.

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I'm so bored, please ask me one

1: Summarize your favorite song in a few sentences and why it’s your favorite
2: Do you believe history repeats itself?
3: If you could see just one thing in your future, what would you look at?
4: Would you rather spend the rest of your life regretting something you did or regretting that you didn’t do it?
5: Have you ever given up on something important to you?
6: When was the last time you were dramatically relieved?
7: Describe an inanimate object that is significant to you personally.
8: Do you have a hard time forgiving?
9: Describe 5 important traits you would look for significant other.
10: How do you try to live your life?
11: Do you search for the best in people or look at them more realistically?
12: What gets you through a rough day?(someone, a hobby, music,etc.)
13: Be loved by another and not love them in return? Or love another and not be loved by them in return?
14: How do you think is the best way to achieve happiness?
15: Are you worried currently? In regards to what?
16: What pushes you to be better?
17: What is your biggest goal or dream currently? How Are you working to achieve it?
18: What is your biggest passion?
19: Something or someone you couldn’t live without?
20: Does the future scare you?
21: Does the past haunt you?
22: Would you break someone’s trust if it ended up greatly helping them in the long run?
23: Do you believe in love?
24: Is there someone you desire currently?
25: If you were to run away where would you go?
26: What surroundings make you feel best (setting, weather, clothes)
27: Where or when is your “happy place”?
28. If you could change yourself anyway, would you? How so?
29: What is something out of your control that makes you upset?
30: Do you put other people’s happiness before your own?
31: Do you trust easily?
32: What’s your favorite day dream?
33: Do you like the person that you are?
34: Do you honestly and truly hate anyone?
35: Currently, are you overall happy?
36. Any question you'd like to ask!
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Alphonse Mucha by Cisco at LTW

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Edna St. Vincent Millay was the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. She was openly bisexual and had affairs with other women and married men. When she finally married, hers was an open marriage. Her 1920 poetry collection A Few Figs From Thistles drew controversy for its novel exploration of female sexuality. She was one of the earliest and strongest voices for what became known as feminism. One of the recurring themes of her poetry was that men might use her body, but not possess her or have any claim over her. (x)

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